Take the Modulaw Approach

We focus on our clients to understand all aspects of their concerns, the immediate effects of their situation and the long-term impact of their disputes.

We advise clients on how they can achieve the best possible outcome within the constraints of complex international legal frameworks and high pressure situations that affect their day-to-day operations.

We provide quality advice that matches the client’s budget and the nature of the legal issues.

Employment Disputes

Modulaw represents international civil servants with the internal review procedures at international organizations, as well as before the ILOAT, UNDT, UNAT and a number of other tribunals.

Advisory Opinions

Modulaw can advise your organization with a roadmap to challenge improper changes, implement reform or resolve legal issues before they arise.


We provide training on all areas of international employment law to staff associations, the administration and senior managers in international organizations.

Internal Investigations

Modulaw provides independent and impartial investigation services for disciplinary, harassment, employment and any other civil matters.

Mediation and Conciliation

We are trained to provide alternative or informal dispute resolution services such as mediation conciliation.

Our Services

Employment Disputes for International Civil Servants

We conduct case assessments that can provide you with the information you need to represent yourself. We can also represent you at all stages of internal grievance procedures, as well as external appeals to tribunals.

We provide independent and impartial mediation and conciliation services where both parties are willing to engage in alternative or informal dispute resolution. Ludovica and Neha can be appointed as the mediator/conciliator, or alternatively, if they are engaged as counsel, they can recommend external mediators/conciliators to facilitate this process.


Ludovica and Neha can be engaged to assists offices of internal oversight or to act as an independent mechanism for the investigation of disciplinary, harassment, financial and administrative matters in international organisations.


Modulaw has developed seminars and workshops on all areas of international organizations law and can adapt these to the particular needs of your organization. We can provide this training to all staff, the staff representative body or senior managers dealing with recurring issues. We encourage the Ombudsperson and human resources officers to participate in our training to improve engagement with all staff.

Advisory Opinions

Modulaw conducts policy reviews and can provide your organization with advice on the latest legal updates, its overall compliance with international standards and how to implement reforms.

Ludovica and Neha are also engaged in research projects on areas of their expertise.

Our Fees

Our hourly rates are adjusted according to the nature of the case and the client.


We provide estimates before commencing any work so that the invoice you receive matches the estimate provided.


Our fees are exclusive of VAT / GST.


We also offer fixed fees for certain services (such as case assessments) and training packages – get in touch to find out more.

Modulaw: Who We Are

Modulaw represents the combined skills, knowledge and experience of Ludovica and Neha so that clients get twice the attention, care and service. Ludovica and Neha are standing counsel to several Staff Associations of international organizations and are listed on the roster of recommended counsel by the Federation of International Civil Servants’ Associations. They also have individual expertise in different areas of law.


Ludovica Moro

Ludovica is an Italian lawyer and is also a Registered European Lawyer for England and Wales with experience in Italian, Austrian and international law.

Ludovica has experience as an international civil servant herself, having worked at the Italian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Vienna, the OSCE and CTBTO, before commencing her own practice. Ludovica provides weekly staff clinics to the members of the Vienna-based (UNOV) Staff Associations/Unions and regularly advises them on individual staff cases, the review of their regulatory and legal frameworks, and has extensive experience advising on harassment complaints, disciplinary procedures, redundancy, unethical conduct and retaliation.

Ludovica’s speciality is international administrative law, advising on a wide range of employment disputes and negotiating settlements and alternative dispute resolution options. She has experience in policy review as in-house consultant and also offers consultancy services also in matters involving Italian law.

Ludovica holds a masters degree in Law from the University of Parma, Italy and is a member of Ordine degli Avvocati di Mantova. She is also a member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, UK and listed as a Professional Associate at Outer Temple Chambers in London.

Ludovica speaks Italian, English and German fluently and basic Spanish and French.

ludovica@modu.law | LinkedIn | www.ludovicamoro.eu

Neha image 2

Neha Dubey

Neha is an Australian lawyer with extensive experience in various jurisdictions. She is qualified as a sole practitioner in Western Australia and is also a member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, UK.

Neha has worked in top tier law firms in commercial litigation in Australia and Hong Kong, with an NGO in the Netherlands and with UNAKRT in Cambodia before commencing her own practice, initially in London, UK. She relocated to Perth, Australia in 2020. Neha has acted for both international civil servants and organisations based in London, Europe, the Middle East and the US. In the international organizations space, she has particular experience in disciplinary and harassment complaints, as well as administrative issues to do with restructuring and fundamental rights.

She has also been engaged to provide general civil litigation advice and specialised research in areas of international criminal law, international standards for procurement and anti-corruption and compliance.

Neha holds a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Australia. She also holds an Advanced Master of Laws in Public International Law from Leiden University.

Neha is fluent in English, French and Hindi.

neha@modu.law | LinkedIn

Alessandro image

Alessandro Rosa

Alessandro is an Italian Legal Consultant and the most recent addition to the Modulaw team.

Alessandro has expansive legal experience in private firms in areas such as drafting and negotiating contracts and other service agreements and advising on a variety of legal matters, with a strong focus on European and Italian Commercial, Labour and Environmental Law. Alessandro has also organised a number of training events and symposia and in monitoring and developing corporate compliance. Between September 2016 and June 2019, Alessandro also served as a City Councillor in Italy, which gave him further expertise in public policy and the legal issues surrounding public administration. During this time, he was a member of the Institutional Affairs and Urban Planning Committees.

Alessandro holds a Master Degree in Law from the University of Parma and the postgraduate Master title of “Environmental Expert”.

Alessandro speaks Italian and English fluently and has a basic understanding of German and French.

contact@modu.law | LinkedIn

Ellen image

Ellen Tetley

Ellen is an Australian law student and the most recent addition to the Modulaw team.

Ellen holds a Bachelor of Philosophy with First Class Honours and is currently completing her Juris Doctor at the University of Western Australia. Ellen’s Honours thesis investigated the potential role of restorative justice in improving the outcomes of participants in the ‘START Court’ program at the Perth Magistrate’s Court.

Ellen currently works as a paralegal in family law and has a prior background in disability support and mental health advocacy. She also has a strong interest in international law. In 2023, Ellen will commence the position of Legal and Administrative Associate to President Buss of the WA Supreme Court of Appeal.

Ellen is fluent in English and has an intermediate understanding of Japanese.

contact@modu.law | LinkedIn

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Please note that Ludovica is based in Vienna, Austria (GMT +1) and Neha is based in Perth, Australia (GMT +8).